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23.09.2019 2:35:21 Megul:

My week was good. Did some errands. And here's the thing. Just on Sunday, I went to Target, and they were doing open interviews that weekend. Now, I did apply to Target as well as GameStop, so I went there to let them know that I applied their, as well. So they told me to sign my name, and wait for the managers to interview me. It was for logistics/stocking. And the craziest thing is, after just two interviews, I met with the H.R. manager, and the lady handed me some paperwork. I was confused and asked, So wait a minute, I got the job? She told me yes.And I was like, Huh? but afterwards I was like Okay, then . So I'm working seasonal at Target now. And I'm to orientation on Monday at 1 p.m. Also, they're paying 12 dollars an hour, so I had to at least try to work there.


24.09.2019 18:02:13 Fenrijind:

Kids. You never stop the worry even when you haven't heard from them in months.


24.09.2019 19:00:13 Faegor:

What’s up I’m in statesville


26.09.2019 13:11:31 Moogushakar:

roblox porno or gtfo


02.10.2019 14:48:33 Masida:

I can't say enough about her skill. She is soooooo. good. More, more, more!

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